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Castle of Marble manufactures a wide variety of products for your Kitchen, Bath, and Architectural Facade needs. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling or considering a change to more beautiful and practical surfaces, our design consultants can help you select the finest materials for the look and feel you want.

Since we manufacture each item to order, you can select materials of Cultured Marble, Onyx, Granite, or Solid Surface Eurostone in whatever size, shape, COLORS and design pattern that suits your every wish.

BATHROOM COUNTERTOPS of cultured stone provide a decorative, high gloss, non-porous surface for practical and easy cleaning combined with warmth and elegance. A wide variety of bowl styles are available cast as a single piece with the counter to eliminate those difficult to clean grout joints. Likewise, the integral coved backsplash eliminates messy grout lines and creates a clean and stylish look. 

TUB & SHOWER WALLS eliminate joints and grout where mildew grows and provides a beautiful surface that is more resistant to mildew, water spotting and staining then natural stone, fiberglass, tile and virtually any other material. 

SHOWER PANS cast as a single piece with integral water flange eliminate the need for hot mopping and provide a double water seal to insure a no leak installation. The slip resistant floor remains easy to clean while providing safety. And consider a built in seat for added comfort, beauty, and convenience. 

FIREPLACES take on a whole new look and feel when done in cultured stone. Designs from subtle to bold, traditional to contemporary help give an entire room a whole new perspective.

KITCHEN COUNTERS made of solid surface Eurostone provide a lifetime surface that is practical and beautiful and will stay that way. When you select Eurostone, you are specifying the finest counters available. Simple or complex shapes and routered edge finishes and inlays combine with a wide variety of colors in solids or granite texture to give you the most practical and stylish kitchen available. A continuous surface no matter how long, wide or complex the shape of the counters means maintenance free cleaning and top of the line design options. Add a routered-in drainboard for the ultimate practicality and style. 

TABLES for home, Boat & RV, Office, and Commercial uses.

We also produce custom products of these fine materials for any application you desire.  

Call on us at Castle of Marble to help make your home into a castle. Contact us through your builder, architect, contractor, plumber, or directly.

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